Understanding Your Psychic Connection

What would your reaction be if I were to tell you “All humans have psychic abilities?”  Would you think I was crazy?  Some of you would.  This statement has become a major controversy, which has been around for centuries.  By shedding some light on the subject, you may begin to realize and understand your true self; your very being!

Since the beginning of humanity talk of psychic sensitivity has been common among all races and faiths through mythology, folklore and sacred writings.  Most of the world’s major religions have their beginnings from such influence, for they all have in their sacred teachings examples of psychic phenomena and sensitivities that have been written about and that have influenced their origins.

For years, psychics have struggled to work without being considered weird, unnatural or even godless. Now there are psychics/mediums on television and even channels devoted to Spiritual Development. We are now able to work with pride and even help others to develop their own abilities.

Today, psychic abilities are very common even if people do not realize they have such gifts.  Intuition (having a hunch), so many of us use this on a regular basis.  It is common the world over.  More and more people are experiencing a shift in their energy, even very subtle ones and they are beginning to awaken to these psychic abilities that are coming forward.  We have several Psychic and Spiritual Healers and Counselors today and it is more widely accepted.

Psychic ability is a hot topic today. Everyone wants to explore these “new” abilities (which aren’t new at all – they’ve always been available to us though consequences of exploring them were off-putting to say the least!) 

There are many ways to learn psychic abilities, but personal training by an established psychic who has experienced the conditions and pitfalls first hand, is the best and most effective method. So long as you study the materials, practice, meditate, and have a sincere wish to learn, this course will provide you with all you need to practice your psychic abilities.

Subjects include but not limited to:

Basic Principles for Psychic Gifts
Benefits of Developing Psychic Abilities
Requirements for Developing Psychic Abilities   

Creating and Setting Up a Sacred Space
Cleansing, Clearing and Protecting your Space
Meditation, Protection, Prayer, Cleansing, Breath Work and Grounding
Spirit Guides - Inner and Outer Bands
Types of Perception and Types of Intuitives
Colours and Symbols with Their Meanings

Past Life Regression

Astral Projection


Remote Viewing
Dealing with Fears
The Aura
The Chakras

Your investment for this in-depth course is $450 which includes all course materials. Financial assistance is available.  Please inquire! You only need to bring yourself and a desire to learn. There will be an hour lunch break.  The course will be 10 Sundays in duration, Sundays from 1 pm – 5 pm starting Sunday March 31st and ending Sunday June 16th.  

I am having text books printed off and I will provide all materials, so I would need to know for sure of your intention of participating in the course.  Your answer I will need by March 15th with a deposit of $50 to hold your seat because they are limited.  Your deposit can be done by e-transfer or you can mail a cheque payable to me to 101-247 Regency Park Drive, Halifax, NS, B3S 0A5.  If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to call me at 902-497-8586. 

Blessings in love and light,


New Course Beginning March 31st, 2019

 The course will be 10 Sundays in duration, Sundays from 1 pm – 5 pm starting Sunday March 31st and ending Sunday June 16th.