Mediumship Development courses



Welcome to the World of Mediumship Certification Program.  The goal of these mediumship training courses are to assist those who wish to embrace, develop and understand their ability to connect with those who have made their transition into the world of Spirit.  

This program provides the development tools you need to enhance your connection to Spirit and to begin your mediumship journey as well as psychic mediumship training.

Opening up to Spirit communication is a healing and transformational process.  Many people find welcoming Spirit fully into their lives is the gateway to complete emotional and spiritual transformation.  

While mediumship training is the emphasis of this course, you will also learn to manage, and enhance all your intuitive abilities through Spiritual growth.

The program is organized into three levels - Level 1 Introduction to Mediumship, Level 2 Intermediate and Level 3 Mediumship Certification.  

The course for each level is offered in a series of small classes (10 students per class).  This is to ensure you the most personalized attention possible.  Your instructors will help answer personal questions throughout your development.

Level 1

Be taught the skills and techniques to open and enhance your ability to connect with those in Spirit through mediumship.  You will be guided through each step with many practice opportunities and personal guidance and support from your mentors as you develop and become more comfortable with your abilities.

The class will be 10 am—3 pm for 8 consecutive Saturdays beginning every October.

Outline for Level 1



Creating a Sacred Space


Types of Perception

What is a Medium?

Who can become a Medium?

Why become a Medium?

Types of Intuitives

Colors and their Universal Meaning


Connect with your "Clair" senses

Spiritual Care Routine

Working with and Removing Fear


The Aura



Level 2 

Here it gets more involved.  This is a ten week program.  Ten Saturdays from 10 am - 3 pm, beginning every April. Prerequisite Level 1 

Outline for Level 2


 Introductions and review of Level 1

  The God Source and Cosmic Planes

Inner and Outer Bands of our Spirit Guides

The Angelic Realm and Mediumship

Nature Spirits and Elemental Kingdoms

Your Mediumship Outer Band of Guides 

More about mental mediumship

Introduction to Physical Mediumship


  Apports and Asports

 Direct Voice Phenomena

Spirit Lights, Table Tipping and Spirit Art

 Clairvoyance and the Third Eye

The 3 main ingredients for Successful Communication

How to identify a Spirit for Validation  


 Earthbound Spirits

 Spirit rescue and clearing Methods

 Spirit Circles

 Pitfalls in Advanced Mediumship Development

Platform Mediumship

Psychometry, Billets, Automatic Writing, Scrying and Inspirational Channeling

 Spirit Photography

Healing Mediumship

 Prejudice and Personal Attacks

 Professional Mediumship - Setting up a 

Business, Code of Ethics and etc.

​ Living in the Flow - The Universal Laws


Level 3

This is the 3rd and final level in the World of Mediumship Certification Program. After you complete level 3 you will receive your third level certificate, however, to be certified you will have to write an exam proving you know your theory, do a demonstration and have ten testimonials. 


Level 3 begins when we have the minimum required amount of students. 

Level 3 Outline

Trance Mediumship


Using the 11 Universal Laws to enhance your life and mediumship practice

Demonstrations and much more  


 Anyone who:

.... wants to experience a closer connection to Spirit.

... wants to develop their abilities ethically and responsibly, and utilize them for the greater good. 

... wishes to learn how to improve their readings and their client’s experience.


... would like to be able to access helpful information from Spirit Guides, and deceased Loved Ones 

... needs help to build trust in themselves and in Spirit

All are welcome.  No experience is necessary!  Just bring an open heart, and a willingness to connect with Spirit.  This class is for the beginner and professional medium alike.  Even if your goal is not necessarily to become a professional medium this program will enhance your spiritual journey by bringing greater understanding. 


Each Level is $450.00

All course material including textbook, scribblers pens and pencils are provided.    


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