MEDIUM and psychic


I am a Spiritual Medium who brings forth loved ones who have made their transition into the spirit realm, but I am also a psychic who reads the energy around you.  My readings utilize both of these abilities to provide you with the best possible reading. 


Mediumship readings are done by making contact with the spirit world to bring messages and closure to the client. While spirit lowers their energy a bit, I raise mine so communication is possible.  During your reading, you may receive a message from a loved one, a friend, or an ancestor who have made their transition into the spirit world to bring you closure and take away any pain that may be left behind.

You may even receive a message from one of your Spirit Guides encouraging you to continue going forward


A psychic reading is done by reading the energies around you and by using tarot cards and oracles to help find that of which you seek.


I utilize both mediumship and psychic abilities during my readings.  This gives you the best possible reading, discovering many things about yourself, which has molded you into the person you are today.  

During your reading, I will seek the truth and help you answer that which is needed...........Who are you?  What are your talents?  What may happen in the future? What has happened in your past that you have to let go of?  Are you on your right path? What are your goals?  And there is so much more

And by making contact with those who have already made their transition into the spirit world, I can help you find the closure and release pain to help you go forward. During your reading you may ask any question.

My readings are 1 hour in length, recorded and sent to you via e-mail and are totally confidential.

Readings can be done in person, over the phone and via Skype.  I also do group readings.

Below are testimonials of past clients.  Please take the time to read them. Thank you. 



George LeBlanc is a genuine soul - a clear-minded and compassionate person and a gifted clairvoyant and clairaudient. If you are looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear, George is not for you. If you want the compassionate truth to light your way forward, you can do no better. Lt. Mj Patterson BA BSc BEd MEd, CA NCGR-PAA (Ret'd)

I met George LeBlanc at a Psychic Fair several years ago. George provided a reading for me. The reading was given kindly & wisely. I have seen George over the years a few times, and have referred him to family members & friends. I made the referrals as I felt all who decided to see George were given a reading with information from Spirit of Light.

I did attend a 10 week course taught by George, titled Psychic Development. My eyes & Intuition were wide opened. The course had 6 attending and it was great. Lots to practice & play. George is an excellent instructor making each class informative, with questions allowed..& just enough fun. When & what is your next course George? Linda Scott Halifax