George LeBlanc is a Channeler, Certified Spiritual Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, Spiritualist Minister and author of “Journey Through Life”, who is currently working on his second book which he is channeling from Spirit.

George has been giving professional readings and spiritual counseling for over 13 years. Through his readings, he bridges the gap between our physical world and the world of spirit to bring comfort and closure to those who have loved ones in spirit. His readings also help those who are seeking to find their purpose and personal spiritual path. 

George’s spiritual counseling sessions are intuitive by nature, seeking answers intuitively from spirit to help those looking for answers to their own life.  No matter what the reason someone may go to George, he will always give his best and true guidance. 

As a teacher, George helps people to discover their natural abilities through his courses on Understanding Your Psychic Connection and The World of Mediumship Certification Program as well as through many workshops.

George holds certifications as a Licensed Interfaith Minister, Lay Ministry in Clairvoyance, Lay Ministry in Spiritual Healing, Lay Ministry in Inspirational Speaking along with many certificates of thank you for public speaking and meritorious service.

George also does group readings, demonstrations, lectures, house cleansings, and spiritual healings.