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"Guiding you through your personal and spiritual growth"



I offer courses, classes, workshops and various other programs.  Some courses are co-taught with another facilitator.

Life Path Readings


We are all here for a special purpose and with spiritual gifts.  A Life Path Reading helps you find your passion, remove any energy blocks preventing you from becoming that of which you are meant to be, and gives you freedom to live your life being confident and happy.



I use spiritual knowledge and intuitive abilities to help those seeking spiritual growth and personal direction.


Donna C. (HRM)

I was introduced to George when I took a psychic developmental course from him.I found out a lot about myself. I found George someone special.George was able to see beyond what most people see.Not only was he extremely perceptive but he was able to put us at ease and enable us to grow. Sometimes things are not as they appear and George showed us this.He was also extremely sensitive and kind.I am sure he has many wonderful qualities but these are a few. I would recommend him in a minute 

Lawrence N. (Bridgewater)

Enjoyed my time spent with George. With the information he has given me I feel that I well be able to navigate through my path in life much easier and with a much better understanding of myself. 

Linda W. (Bridgewater)

I met George a number of years ago at a psychic tea. I gained much insight into George as I was fortunate enough to do a billet reading for him at one of his courses. He is a person with a tender heart and a whole lot of compassion. George taught me that I had inherent intuitive abilities and showed me how to claim them. I certainly recommend George as a psychic, as a teacher, a mentor and as a friend. 

Lt. Mj Patterson BA BSc BEd MEd, CA NCGR-PAA (Ret'd), (Halifax)

George LeBlanc is a genuine soul - a clear-minded and compassionate person and a gifted clairvoyant and clairaudient. If you are looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear, George is not for you. If you want the compassionate truth to light your way forward, you can do no better.  

Linda S. (Halifax)

I met George LeBlanc at a Psychic Fair several years ago. George provided a reading for me. The reading was given kindly & wisely. I have seen George over the years a few times, and have referred him to family members & friends. I made the referrals as I felt all who decided to see George were given a reading with information from Spirit of Light. 

I did attend a 10 week course taught by George, titled Psychic Development. My eyes & Intuition were wide opened. The course had 6 attending and it was great. Lots to practice & play. George is an excellent instructor making each class informative, with questions allowed..& just enough fun. 

Germaine C. (Lower Sackville)

I have visited George for readings over the last few years. He has a kind and loving heart and speaks in the same manner. George is very truthful and you will feel very comfortable during a reading.  

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